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Yu Lai Yin born in Hong Kong, success in the arts was contributed by her father’s encouragement and influence. Her father Yu-pui was a indeed already as well as a very good seal engraver. Also under the guidance of Chinese painting Master Yang Shen-sum. Studied fine art at Ecole National Superiere des Beaux-Arts, Paris. After back to Hong Kong as the Lithography instructor at Chinese University of Hong Kong Extramural Art
The Silver Prizes for the painting “Lotus”, Societe des Artistes Francaise Salon 1979, Paris, France. From 1979, Yu Lai Yin’s one woman show at Paris-France, Tokyo-Japan, Hong Kong, Beijing-China, Malaysia, Taipei and United States Museum Collections:by “ Musee National D’Argentelles, France.” And “ The Cleveland Museum of Art, Ohio, United States.”
Painting included in “The Dictionary of the Achievements of World Chinese Artists” and “The mirror of the Famed Contemporary Chinese Painters’Works”


作品被法國〝雅桑地國立美術館 〞、美國〝克利夫蘭美術館 〞及私人收藏。